Eliminate Odors and Disinfect with SanusAer Commercial Ozone Generators

Our commercial ozone generators provide endless solutions for indoor applications for Odor Control (cigarette smoke, pet smells, mold or mildew odors); or Disinfection (sanitizing indoor surfaces, cold and flu season, elder care).  SanusAer, the best choice for your high output ozone generator needs.

Eliminate Odors and Disinfect Surfaces with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

The Highest Ozone Output for Your Money

Preferred by professional contractors - compact, durable, and easy to use - SanusAer Ozone Generators provide endless hours of pure concentrated Ozone for your indoor odor control and disinfection projects.  To deodorize, disinfect, and destroy unwanted odors and microorganisms, Ozone attacks at the molecular level to eliminate all biological and chemical pollutants

Why Choose SanusAer?

  • Highest Output for Your Money
  • Invented, Designed, and Assembled in USA
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Commercial Grade Construction
  • Trusted by Professional Contractors

Customers Love SanusAer!

Even before COVID, we have always had a high focus on maintaining a clean and sanitary environment for our students, volunteers, staff, and of course, for our dogs.  So, we are always looking for great new ways to clean our facilities using environmentally friendly methods.  One of the great things about ozone is that it allows us to rapidly disinfect an environment without leaving any residues behind and to return the space very quickly back to use for our staff and dogs to occupy.

Joel Clark, V.P. of Information Services and Capital Projects for Southeastern Guide Dogs – October 20, 2020

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Disinfect and Permanently Destroy Odors at their Source

Need help selecting a size, or have questions? Call us now at (740) 387-7873, or E-mail us at info@advanced-purification.com and a SanusAer team member can help you select a model and provide more information for your application.


SanusAer - the Solution for Difficult Indoor Challenges

High outputs of ozone (or O3) are required to oxidize problem odors and disinfect all surfaces indoors. Don’t settle for low price / low output machines claiming to be just as effective.  Our commercial grade ozone generators deliver up to 15 times more ozone than our largest competitor, are easy to maintain, and built to last.

How Ozone Works?

Ozone is a reactive gas and a strong oxidant.  It is used to treat the air and all indoor surfaces. Ozone works at the molecular level to destroy bacteria and viruses and to break down the long-chain odor molecules.  Treatments are effective in homes, businesses, medical practices, cars, boats, and RVs - to deodorize, disinfect, and destroy problem odors and microorganisms. 

Quick & Easy Treatment with Ozone

SanusAer ozone generators are easy to set up in any vacant indoor space. Once you turn them on, they emit high levels of ozone for an effective ozone shock treatment. When ozone fills the space, it destroys even the most lingering odors and problem microorganisms so that you can breathe higher-quality air.


Best of all, it converts back to clean breathable oxygen, so there are no chemicals left behind. No standard air purifier can match the effectiveness of ozone generator shock treatment.

Ozone Treatment Guidelines

As always, follow the treatment protocols outlined in the manual for best results. If you have more questions, please call us at (740) 387-7873 or email us at info@advanced-purification.com to speak with a SanusAer team member.

Always read the SanusAer® manual before operating the unit, and reference the specific treatment recommendations provided. This unit can be dangerous if not used properly.