Disinfecting Restaurants and Bars is Critical During a Pandemic


Disinfecting restaurants and bars is critical because patrons risk exposure to germs and viruses when they go out to their favorite place.   Normal cleaning methods are no longer sufficient.  An innovative broad-based tool, ozone gas, is highly effective and easily implemented.  It travels everywhere air currents travel, disinfecting all surfaces.  The ozone delivered by SanusAer® high output generators is scientifically proven to destroy the viruses / germs while deodorizing the establishment at the same time.  To ensure the safety of your staff and patrons, all restaurants, bars, coffee houses, bistros, etc., should own a SanusAer high output ozone generator.

Eating and drinking establishments are now faced with a new reality as a result of the COVID-19 virus which has impacted us all.  Any business that deals directly with the public will have to adopt new strategies to ensure their patrons feel safe returning to their favorite establishments.  SanusAer Ozone generators are a powerful, broad-based sanitization tool that will destroy microorganisms (including the Coronavirus) while deodorizing the facility at the same time.  The result is a safer, fresher smelling establishment for your patrons and staff.

Problem: Disease causing microorganisms and viruses can survive on "high contact" surfaces for 72 hours and longer.  They can even reside in the duct work and a multitude of hidden crevices throughout the facility.  Additionally, the disinfection of the establishment must be conducted nightly, simply because we all need the assurance that it is restored to a base level of sanitation at the beginning of each day.   If the patrons recognize that the owner is taking all precautions to eliminate the risk of infection, they will feel safe returning to the restaurant.

Solution: The best way to disinfect a restaurant / bar is to run the SanusAer® Ozone Generator after the facility closes, when it is vacant. The last person who leaves at night turns the unit on for 1 - 2 hours to eliminate the microorganisms and to oxidize the odors. The unit should be set to turn off four hours before the prep staff arrive in the morning.  The fan on the thermostat for the HVAC system can also be turned to the ON position during the treatments to more effectively circulate the ozone, and to eliminate any odor sources that have built up inside the duct work

Note: Remember, there is a side benefit to an ozone treatment, the elimination of odors.  Ozone is the perfect solution for odor control because it works on the molecular level to breakdown the odor at its source!

Always read the SanusAer® manual before operating the unit, and reference the specific treatment recommendations  provided.  This unit can be dangerous if not used properly.