Ozone Manages Odor on the Farm

Ozone has many applications in large agricultural operations, from odor control to disinfection.  SanusAer generators deliver high outputs of ozone gas for safe treatments of farm targets like odor control, mold eradication, antimicrobial applications, and composting odor control.  Ozone attacks odors at their source, oxidizing their long chain chemicals that have relatively weak bonds.  SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators are a superior alternative to masking agents and scrubbing techniques.  Scrubbers and Masking only alter the odors, whereas ozone chemically destroys odors.

The number of uses for a broad based sanitization technology like SanusAer 's Ozone Generators in agriculture applications have exploded in recent years and include:  

  • Storing potatoes or other agriculture products in an atmosphere containing gaseous ozone, resulting in dramatic reduction of rot and mold, as well as shelf life extension
  • Controlling indoor air quality in confined animal facilities and in egg storage houses
  • Grain milling systems
  • Ozone Gas as a Soil Fumigant
  • Controlling mold on cheeses and grapes
  • Poultry hatchery disinfectants
  • Controlling potential microbiological contamination in the barley malting process

Problem: Conventional cleaning is not always effective in large scale commercial farms due to the size and scope of the operations, so the potential for rapid microbiological growth exists.  Several factors result, including persistent odor problems, shortened shelf life, and disease outbreaks.

Solution: A broad based sanitization strategy like ozone is not only very effective, but it has several advantages: (1) There is no on site storage of dangerous chemicals, because the SanusAer generators product high quantities of ozone on site.  (2) Ozone is environmentally friendly, because it converts to clean, breathable oxygen shortly after a treatment.  (3) It is able to disinfect the surfaces in very large spaces with minimal effort.

Note: Whether for production, storage, or livestock operations, ozone is not only extremely effective, but safe when used in unoccupied spaces.

Always read the SanusAer® manual before operating the unit, and reference the specific treatment recommendations  provided.  This unit can be dangerous if not used properly.