What is Ozone?

What is Ozone:

Ozone is activated oxygen, with three oxygen atoms instead of the two found in the air we breathe. It is nature’s built-in purification system created by the waves of the ocean, lightening in a thunderstorm, and the rain forests. It serves to reduce pollution naturally. Of course, it is also plays a role as a protective layer in the upper atmosphere, (more specifically the stratosphere), that filters out the ultraviolet radiation from the sun, preventing most of it from reaching the earth’s surface. On the earth's surface, ozone has a half-life of about twenty minutes, meaning that one of the three oxygen molecules is unstable and seeks to combine with either another free oxygen molecule or a pollutant that will be ‘oxidized’ or destroyed.  Continue to read more about the powers of ozone generators below. 


The Powers of Ozone Generators:

The powers of ozone were first used in an industrial application in a drinking water plant built at Oudshoom, Holland in 1893. It is also used to purify all bottled water today, and to sanitize fruits and vegetables. As one of the earth’s strongest oxidants, nature uses ozone to purify the outdoors. Now SanusAer® harnesses that same power for use indoors. Partner with nature to safely disinfect, deodorize, and destroy the sources that poison the indoors.

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