Ozone machines for mold remediation: Say goodbye to that musty odor

If you have ever experienced a natural disaster, then you know that the water damage often following a fire or flood results in mold or mildew, compromising your healthy indoor environment.  The odor from the mold or mildew is a sign of a much larger underlying problem, that can often lead to serious health problems for the occupants of your home or office.  Applying a mold ozone shock treatment to the affected area using SanusAer high output ozone generators can restore your indoors to a healthier environment, eliminating any dangerous mold spores, and removing any health threats for the inhabitants.

In addition to natural disasters, excessive heat and humidity can also create the ideal conditions for mold spores to thrive. And as they grow and spread indoors, they can literally condemn a property, causing the owner to invest large sums in a traditional remediation process.  Mold problems can trigger many health issues, including asthma and serious allergic reactions.  But even more important, some fungi are extremely toxic and will weaken the immune system of unsuspecting occupants.

Advanced Purification offers top-of-the-line ozone generators for mildew and mold elimination. Although there are many applications for the use of Ozone indoors, these generators can help create an allergy-free home or office, removing musty odors by attacking the mold source.

Killing mold with ozone machines

Fungal toxins significantly impact your indoor air quality, regardless of whether you can see mold or not. Any signs of mold or mildew odor must be treated as a call to action, meaning that you should immediately implement mold remediation strategies.  Using ozone to kill mold and mildew spores is the most effective solution for homes and offices.

While traditional cleaning methods do work, they involve the direct interaction with mold spores to destroy them and require that you know where the mold is growing in the first place.  Using ozone, on the other hand, is very effective, because ozone travels wherever air currents travel, and is a broad-based treatment method that eliminates 100% of the fungi. That’s why ozone generator mold removal is safer and more effective than traditional cleaning methods that utilize dangerous chemicals.

Combining ozone shock treatments with preventative strategies is the best way to ensure that your indoor environment is free from dangerous mold and mildew.  Check your building for water leaks and eliminate them to make certain that the mold problem won’t reoccur.  Also, don’t forget to remove any visible dead mold with soap and water after the ozone treatment to eliminate any allergens that remain. 

Advanced SanusAer ozone machines for mold

Advanced Purification is committed to supplying high-quality ozone machines worldwide. Our ozone generators are perfect for moderate and severe mold and mildew cases, improving the indoor air quality, thus minimizing health risks. There are several advantages using our SanusAer line of high output ozone generators to destroy mold, including:

  • Affordable pricing
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping within the continental USA
  • Low international shipping rates
  • Discounts for wholesale / quantity orders

Always read the SanusAer manual before operating the unit. It contains treatment recommendations and precautions to ensure that you have success with your mold treatments.  Eliminate the odors associated with mold and mildew growth using SanusAer Ozone generators.  They are a safe way to treat your indoor space for mold growth while deodorizing any affected areas with ozone for mildew or mold.